About Us

Tim and I have been production potters since 1980. Clay has been our artistic tool and livelihood. Our son describes us as “Old School”, and for the most part he is correct.

Our pieces are functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye and touch. Our craft is an old one, and with the automation of the machine making things easier and cheaper to produce, production potters may just become extinct one day, but not today.

You might say we are living our dream. Since graduating with our Bachelors in Art, we have successfully set up our studio in an old dairy barn located near Shumway Illinois. We like to call it a potter’s paradise. It has everything we need: studio space, wooded surroundings, and a place where we can connect with the quiet of nature, listen to our inner voice and create our work. We have meshed our talents, which sometimes baffles people, because it appears as though there is just one artist. We take great pride in this. We draw from both our strengths to produce Frye Pottery.

Production is a repetition of a form; we have both found this truly enjoyable. Tim once said, “This work is soothing. You reach a state of calm from the repetition. You get into it and after a while, it’s like a dance.” That seems to sum it up beautifully.

We teach classes and workshops at our studio, sharing with others our talents with and love for this incredible craft. I know if you’re reading this you have an interest in pottery, either in its beauty or production. We hope you will take a moment and explore our classes and workshops, as well as our selected works. Thank you.